Early Years (Ages 2 to 5)

At Rome International School, we provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment. Our Early Years department follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, starting from age 3.

Our inquiry-driven approach fosters curiosity, a love of life-long learning and promotes children's social, emotional and personal growth.

The natural curiosity of children is a motivating source for learning. Play that is associated with academic learning is an act of ‘inquiry’. We believe inquiry connotes critical and reflective thinking that promotes the attainment of the intellectual capacity of every child.

As educators, it is essential that we allow children to play in order to allow them to learn in a manner that is natural and fun to them. The power of play as the engine of learning is a vital force for young children’s physical, social and emotional development.

Early Years News

It's all about Fall in Kindergarten

In Kindergarten we transitioned from "Family" to "Fall" with some nice leaf art. All of the children made their own family with leaves, googly eyes, buttons, feathers etc. We also made playdough in fall colours. We used cocoa powder to make brown playdough and food colouring for orange and green. Natural materials were also used to improve maths skills and enhance our creative play.

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