Here is what some of our Alumni have to say about studying the International Baccalaureate at Rome International School.

Lorenzo De Paola, a former IB and Maturità student

“I chose the IB programme because it offers an excellent route to university study both in Italy - thanks to the equivalence to the Italian Maturità Linguistica, Umanistica and Scientifica – and everywhere else in the world. It cultivates an international mind-set, it creates independent learners and strong writers and, most importantly, it encourages them to be critical thinkers and develop inquisitive and interpretative skills. Moreover, with the possibility of choosing six or seven subjects from different areas, it gives students the opportunity to focus not only on the subjects relevant to their future university career, but also on ones they find fascinating and that they could not study in a different, more narrowly defined curriculum. The IB is a fantastic educational programme, designed to meet the needs of a constantly changing world, to prepare students for university and at the same time to allow them to find their strengths and life-long interests and become true world citizens."