RIS and the NACE Family

In May 2018, Rome International School joined the leading European education network - NACE Schools. This brings many new opportunities for our community. RIS students and teachers will benefit from exchange of best practices and international programmes involving partner schools. In addition, they will be involved in a range of annual art, sports and inter-cultural events with other schools across the NACE network.

NACE Academic Olympics

NACE IV Academic Olympics Banner
In November 2018, Rome International School together with Southlands International School hosted the IV edition of the NACE Academic Olympics.

Taking place over three days, from 27 to 30 November 2018, students from 15 NACE schools participated in this event and worked collaboratively with students from other countries and backgrounds. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to problem-solve, find solutions and be creative!

NACE students had the opportunity to enjoy time with host families and enjoy a sight-seeing tour of Rome.

Continue reading below to see the variety of news about this great event for NACE Schools, who share values in the name of hospitality, culture and international friendships and experiences.

NACE Sports Olympics


NACE 2018 Olympics

A delegation of RIS and Southlands Middle and High School students took part - for the first time - in the NACE Olympic Games held in Mallorca from 12 to 15 July 2018. The event was attended by 600 students from NACE Schools in five different countries.

Our students, accompanied by Ms. D'Alessandro and Ms. Maglio, were asked to choose an adjective that best described their experience together with a reflection on the event:


We had fun, the matches and the sport were interesting. Also the host families were great because they helped me explore the whole island. (Edoardo M.)


Mallorca is a beautiful place, I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed it very much. I had a unforgettable experience! I hope that next year I will be as lucky as this year. I will work hard to go back to Mallorca. Thanks to Juan, Ulia, Tomaeu and Pau. (Francesco P.)


This experience was very beautiful because I had a good time with my friends and with the host families. The school Agora Portals was very well organised. (Federico C.)


The place was lovely and I had a lot of fun with my friends and my host family. I thank Andrea and Mara for letting me have this wonderful experience. I will work hard next year in order to be chose again. (Gian Marco)


We had an important opportunity! I really say thanks to host family that took care of us. I would like to return this gift back by hosting them in my house in Rome. (Orlando O.)


Since I did not know the school, I was therefore curious about it. I was also very curious about the host family who really nice with me. We had a lot of fun! (Lorenzo P.)


I am very thankful for this great opportunity and I really enjoyed myself. Everything was wonderfully done and I couldn't have asked for more. It was a great chance for me and my friends to have lot of fun. It is very interesting to play against other nations and I hope to go there again. (Marcus C.)


Instead of going to a hotel we stayed with the families of the Agora Portals who invited us to their homes and treated us as they were our parents. (Alessandro M.)

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NACE Visual Arts

The Middle and High Art and English departments are preparing students to take part in the NACE Arts Competition. An Art and Creative Writing exhibition of some of the students' work will take place from Monday 19 to Friday 23 November. Ms Alves' IB English B student, Cristina W., has written a piece of creative writing that has been submitted as part of the competition and will be on display next week. The theme of the competition is "Space".

Creative Writing Display by Cristina W.

The photograph [that accompanies the piece] is a combination of two black and white film photos. It was taken in the night time in Rome.

Finding interior space

It was 2am when I escaped from my house. My mother was sleeping heavily when I aimlessly walked out the door. I just wanted to go for a walk because all the objects in my room were suffocating my interior space; I needed to sort out my thoughts in a place where I felt free. While I was walking, I saw a sparkling light coming from one street. It was different from all the other streetlights and so my body naturally sat in the corner of that street. I immediately felt inspired and attached to where I was.

My thoughts began...

In the eyes of others, I was born in a wealthy family where everything was given to me. Anxiety was never even contemplated in my childhood until I reached high school. All of a sudden, I was powerless and stressed with school projects, tests, parents' expectations and relationships with my peers. I couldn't find a way to get rid of the irritability and uneasiness feeling that was in my mind all the time. I tried really hard to communicate with myself and that all the pressure was normal and part of teenage life. However, it still didn't work for me. I had to find my personal space in this world of teenagers.

I put my headphones and listened to music while watching the busy but quiet street. Breathing the frosty night air made sense to me. It gave me the feeling of venting. The night actually calmed my disturbed self and gave me a chance to finally have a voice in my thoughts. I was free and strong in that space.

And it was in that moment, in the corner of a Roman street in the middle of the night that I finally found my interior space.

I decided to write a personal journey about that night when I found my personal space.

Written by Cristina W., Year 12 IB English B student

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