More than a Classroom

Being a part of the International Baccalaureate community has heightened our interest in developing partnerships to enrich the curriculum and provide motivating student learning experiences.

Residential Trips

From grade 3 to grade 12, carefully chose residential trips, either in Italy or to international locations, are offered annually. The itinerary for all trips is carefully chosen to ensure an educational but enjoyable experience for the students and the security of students is always uppermost in our minds.

Grade 12 travel to Lisbon, Portugal (November 2017)

Grade 11 Lisbon Residential Trip

More residential trips

Middle School French with Ms Servettaz

Les élèves de 4ème et de 3ème sont en train de préparer un projet. Ils veulent organiser la fête de Noel jeudi 20 décembre durant laquelle ils chanteront, danseront et offriront un buffet.

Rome International School to host NACE Academic Olympics

As part of the NACE group of schools, Rome International School, along with our sister school, Southlands International School, will be hosting an event for Year 9 and Year 10 students called the "Academic Olympics". This will involve events in both schools as well as a number of cultural activities.

Highlights from Grade 7's residential trip to Cilento

On Monday 14 May, Grade 7 accompanied by Mr. Scoppola, Ms. Reese, Mr. McNeill-Martinez and Ms. Pereira, departed for their residential trip to Cilento, a beautiful area that has a rich history and diverse landscape. This trip served to enrich student learning on topics relevant to History and Geography. In particular, visits to Parco archeologico di Paestum and Velia were real treats for our students.

Highlights from Grade 4's residential trip to Capalbio

This week our Grade 4 children went to Capalbio for their residential trip. There were a great deal of excursions and adventures over the course of the three days and I am so proud of all the students. Their enthusiasm and love for learning was an important aspect of what made this trip so successful.


Excursions and visits to places of interest, such as exhibitions and museums, are carefully planned and extend the knowledge, skills and understanding gained in the classroom. These activities are one way of connecting with the local community, helping students to see the relation between what is being learned in the classroom and real-life.

Promoting reading, art and culture through the library

Year 5 and Year 6 students visit to Biblioteca Centrale Ragazzi was a great experience that promoted reading, art and culture, connected to the school library. The students borrowed books for their class libraries, discovered the work of Korean writers, and participated in a workshop with the talented illustrator Simone Rea and learned a painting technique that he uses in his artwork.

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Model United Nations

Since 2014, High School students have participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) conference held in New York.

Exchange Visits

Rome International School has the full intention of extending the cultural and educational experience of its students by forging strong links with other IB schools worldwide. Exchange trips between our High School students and those of our ‘partner schools’ will be organised where possible by teachers at appropriate times of the year.