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Our Pastoral Programme

Pastoral Programme

As an IB School, RIS Rome boasts a richly diverse student body, representing various nationalities and backgrounds. A fundamental aspect of our Wellbeing and Pastoral assemblies is to foster a welcoming environment and ensure the smooth integration of current new students throughout the academic year.

At RIS Rome, we prioritise the individual wellbeing of each student, striving to make them feel valued and cared for. Our dedicated Form Tutors play a pivotal role in supporting the progress and holistic development of every student under their care.

Cultivating Life Skills

Throughout the academic year, we celebrate the personal growth journey of our students by engaging them in a range of activities aimed at honing essential life skills.

The year-long programme focuses on key skills such as active listening, effective teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. Through a variety of interactive methods including videos, discussions, role plays, and practical exercises, students continually enhance their abilities and understanding.

The curriculum progresses systematically, beginning with the improvement of listening skills, a cornerstone of effective communication. Subsequently, students explore the dynamics of teamwork, delving into the nuances of collaborative goal achievement. Midterm, the focus shifts to problem-solving, fostering resilience and creativity in overcoming challenges. In the final phase, students delve into leadership, uncovering the qualities and responsibilities of effective leadership, preparing them to navigate various aspects of their lives with confidence and integrity.

RIS Rome takes pride in witnessing the transformation of our students into well-rounded individuals, equipped with the skills and resilience to tackle future challenges and embrace the opportunities that await them as future change-makers and leaders.

House System and Rewards

Our House System is based on a motivating reward system that focuses on positive behaviour and IB Learner Profile skills such as evidence of students being open-minded, caring, reflective and knowledgeable. During the year, appreciation postcards, values awards and awards for self-presentation and scholarly attitudes generate house points and RIS Rome Lottery tickets - with a prize at the end of the year. Our positive approach to behaviour and attitude around school has been highly successful and popular with students.