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Student Voice

From leadership opportunities to diverse clubs, our students are active participants in their education, in their school and wider community.

Leadership Opportunities 

The Middle and High School Student Council is made up of Prefects and elected Class Representatives, who work with the school's Senior Leadership Team to make positive changes to the school.

Journalism Club

The Blueprint Magazine was created to represent the voice and opinions of the student body - for students by students.  Browse 2021/22 editions below.

Chess Club

Since 2016, the Middle/High Chess Club has met on a daily basis in the Immanuel Kant Library. Over the years, this student-led initiative  has organised six tournaments, several courses and workshops, and members have had plenty of fun!  

With many Chess enthusiasts in our community - from the Elementary to High School - we are delighted that this tradition carries on year-after-year. 

Random Acts of Kindness Club

The Random Act of Kindness Club is a club designed to do just that.  It contributes to overall wellbeing, by making an even safer and more comfortable environment for our student community.