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RIS students are expected to come to school ready to learn everyday.  This includes following our Uniform guidelines for appropriate uniform and personal appearance. We are a member of the ICS cluster within Globeducate, alongside ICS Milan, ICS London, ISN Nice, ICS Paris and ICS Côte d'Azur, therefore we share a common uniform. All ICS schools are leading IB World schools in their regions.
  • White ICS polo shirt

  • Navy blue ICS trousers or smart navy blue trousers

  • Navy blue ICS skirt or smart navy blue skirt

  • Navy ICS hoodie

Students are expected to be dressed in these uniform components every day of school. Year 12 and 13 students may follow a COST policy (Common Or Smarter Than).  This means that Y12/13 students may dress in smarter clothing than the uniform (e.g. blazers) Trousers should be smart and dark coloured (black, charcoal, or navy) Shirts should be smart and white.  Denim, designs, or any offensive or large logos or slogans are not permitted.

PE Uniform

Uniform for PE may only be worn during PE lessons. To maintain good hygiene, it is essential that students change out of sweaty or dirty clothing after PE lessons.
  • White ICS shirt
  • Navy ICS shorts
  • Navy ICS sweatshirt
  • Navy ICS sweatpants
We do expect students to take responsibility for wearing appropriate school uniform and sanctions are in place for situations where uniform guidelines are not followed.

Other Clothing and Personal Appearance

  • JACKETS may be worn over the uniform in winter if they are navy or black in colour.
  • SHOES should be white or navy/black. Sandals or other open toe shoes are not allowed for both safety and appearance reasons.
  • HATS are not allowed indoors, but may be worn outside during break times.
  • Make-up, nails, piercings and jewellery should be discreet and not overly distracting or disruptive in the classroom environment.
  • HAIR should also not provide a distraction in the learning environment.
Any issues of personal appearance may be judged inappropriate by school staff or leadership who may ask the student to modify his/her appearance.