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Student Code of Conduct

All RIS students should exemplify the qualities of the RIS Student Code of Conduct. 

At Rome International School we use our school Learning profile words as the guide to create a school code of conduct and standards of behavior. We exemplify the words in our daily interactions with others.

The school aims to develop in students a sense of personal responsibility and an understanding that we are responsible for our actions. We should treat students, teachers, school staff, parents, and other members of our school community with respect. Harmony and productive energy can be achieved when we work together, respect the rights of others, carry out our responsibilities, and treat each other with dignity. 

We have the following expectations for you:

Learner Profile Attribute



Respect Yourself

Consider your actions to be the best you can be

  • Be honest

  • Come to school prepared and in uniform

  • Use appropriate language 

  • Be healthy: eat a balanced diet, drink water, and exercise

  • Make positive decisions for yourself

  • Love yourself


Respect your world

Make a difference in your community and in the world

  • Embrace differences around you

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Speak up when you see a problem

  • Be inclusive


Respect your peers

Make RIS a welcoming, kind place for everyone

  • Be kind to everyone

  • Listen and communicate with other students

  • Help peers when in need

  • Make appropriate and welcome physical contact

  • Respect others’ personal space


Respect your school

Focus on your studies and be an excellent student

  • Share your knowledge

  • Treat adults with respect

  • Keep the school clean and tidy

  • Come to class on time and ready to learn

  • Focus in class and do your best

  • Live up to RIS’s expectations for excellence