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Student Voice

Students at RIS Rome and across all Globeducate schools are encouraged to develop the skills to use their voice for positive impact in the world.  Preparing students to be global citizens who can shape the world means, we create many opportunities to develop confidence - through leadership positions and membership of a number of student societies and clubs.

At RIS Rome, we prioritise giving students a voice, recognising its importance in their overall development and confidence for life after school. Encouraging students to express and develop their opinions, reason, and engage in debate is crucial for fostering critical thinking and self-confidence. This focus aligns with the Globeducate pillar of Building Character, as it empowers students to become thoughtful, articulate, and active members of society. By providing opportunities for student voice, we help them build strong moral character, develop leadership skills, and cultivate a sense of responsibility and respect for diverse perspectives. At RIS Rome, we are dedicated to nurturing future leaders who are prepared to make a positive impact. Some of the ways in which we offer opportunities to develop a voice for our students include:

Student Leadership Opportunities at Rome International School

At Rome International School, we believe in fostering leadership qualities and ensuring that student voices play a crucial role in shaping the school's future. Aligned with our vision of "A Global Community of Change-makers: Shaping a future where diversity, empathy, and sustainability thrive," we offer various student leadership opportunities that empower our students to take active roles in decision-making processes and contribute positively to our school community.

Our Prefect System Promotes Student Representation

Five outstanding students are selected to become prefects, serving as the primary student leaders of the school. Prefects work closely with the school’s senior leadership team and class representatives to ensure that the student voice is represented in school decision-making strategies. They play a pivotal role in promoting school values, organising events, and acting as role models for their peers, in line with our mission to "prepare and empower students for success in a rapidly changing world by providing a dynamic and innovative education."

The benefits of being selected for our Prefect programme:

  • Gain a sense of responsibility for setting a positive example for other students.
  • Develop communication skills as a bridge between students and teachers
  • Learn how to represent the views of others and to work for the whole school community
  • Time management and organisation skills through workload management
  • Work with others such as the PTA to plan events and promote charity fundraisers
  • Interviewing skills and working with guest speakers and dignitaries such as former Prime Ministers and Ambassadors

Our prefects are selected through an interview process on a yearly basis, in the first year of IB, not only to give experience in developing key skills, but to also give the opportunity for students to bring new, exciting ideas to the table.

New prefect applications open in September to all year 12 students.


Student Council Representatives

Elementary School: In our Elementary School, each class elects a student council representative. These representatives act as the voice of their classmates, bringing forth ideas, concerns, and suggestions to improve school life. They work collaboratively to enhance the overall student experience in the early years of education, fostering empathy and inclusivity.

Middle and High School: As students progress to Middle and High School, the role of class representatives becomes even more integral. Each class selects a representative who participates in school decision-making processes, ensuring that the diverse perspectives of the student body are considered. These representatives are instrumental in fostering a sense of community and inclusivity within the school, promoting our vision of diversity and sustainability.


RIS Ambassadors for the Globeducate Italian Student Senate

In addition to internal leadership roles, our students also have opportunities to engage in broader educational communities. Each year, two high school students are nominated to serve as RIS ambassadors for the Globeducate Italian Student Senate. These ambassadors represent RIS Rome on a national platform, bringing forth ideas and inspiration for the continuous improvement of the student experience across Globeducate schools.

They collaborate with peers from other schools, gaining valuable experience in leadership and international collaboration, which aligns with our commitment to fostering adaptability, critical thinking, and a positive global impact.

Through these leadership opportunities, RIS Rome is committed to developing confident, responsible, and proactive individuals who are ready to make a positive impact in the world. By integrating our vision and mission into every aspect of student leadership, we strive to shape a better future where our students thrive as empathetic, innovative, and globally-minded change-makers.

RIS Rome MUN club

For our students who are passionate about global issues and who thrive in environments that challenge thinking and skills of diplomacy, we have a fantastic opportunity - our Model United Nations simulation, hosted by Change the World Model United Nations (CWMUN) and Associazione Diplomatici. This opportunity is open to all students aged 15 and over.

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Journalism Club

The Blueprint Magazine was created to represent the voice and opinions of the student body - for students by students.  

Random Acts of Kindness Club

The Random Act of Kindness Club is a club designed to do just that.  It contributes to overall wellbeing, by making an even safer and more comfortable environment for our student community.