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Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) Programme for IBDP

At RIS Rome our CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) programme stands as a cornerstone of holistic education, enriching students' academic journey with experiential learning and community engagement. CAS empowers students to explore their passions, develop new skills, and make meaningful contributions to society.
Under the guidance of dedicated mentors, students immerse themselves in a diverse range of activities spanning arts, sports, and service projects. Whether it's organising charity events, participating in cultural exchanges, or leading sustainability initiatives, CAS fosters personal growth and social responsibility.
The programme's ethos extends beyond the classroom, encouraging students to embrace challenges, collaborate with peers, and reflect on their experiences. Through hands-on projects and real-world interactions, students gain invaluable insights into global issues and develop empathy and leadership skills.
CAS at RIS Rome is not just about fulfilling requirements; it's about instilling a lifelong commitment to service and personal development. As students navigate their CAS journeys, they emerge as well-rounded individuals equipped to make positive contributions to their communities and the world beyond.


The IB CAS programme at Rome International School has been amazing. With Mrs. Orellana's help, I created a music project tutoring younger students. Supporting them was incredibly rewarding, seeing their enthusiasm and progress made me proud. The biggest challenge was planning and adapting lessons to different needs. This experience taught me planning, perseverance, and collaboration, skills I'll carry forward in my studies and beyond.





The IB CAS programme at Rome International School has been incredible. With my friend Andrea's help, I created a project teaching basic Chinese to fellow students. The biggest challenge was planning engaging lessons and recording videos, especially when balancing my studies. Overcoming these hurdles taught me perseverance, effective communication, and valuable technical skills in video production. It was incredibly rewarding to see the younger students' progress and enthusiasm. Sharing my culture and helping them learn has equipped me with the skills and confidence to tackle complex projects and collaborative efforts in my future university studies and beyond.