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Events Coming Up - At a Glance

PUBLIC HOLIDAY - School Closed
all day
PONTE - School Closed
all day
PUBLIC HOLIDAY - School Closed
all day
PTA May Fair - TBC
Outdoor Classroom Day
all day


Policies & Handbooks

Events Calendar 2023-2024

Please note that the dates published on this events calendar could be subject to change, and these will be communicated in a timely manner. 

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat/Sun
Mon, Apr 8
Tue, Apr 9
Wed, Apr 10
Thu, Apr 11
Sat, Apr 13
Sun, Apr 14
Mon, Apr 15
Tue, Apr 16
Wed, Apr 17
Thu, Apr 18
Fri, Apr 19
Sat, Apr 20
Sun, Apr 21
Mon, Apr 22
Tue, Apr 23
Fri, Apr 26
Sat, Apr 27
Sun, Apr 28
Mon, Apr 29
Tue, Apr 30
Thu, May 2
Fri, May 3
Sat, May 4
Sun, May 5

Entry / Exit Reminder

The campus is car-free during the school day from 09.30 to 14.45 and follows a one-way system. 

Please follow the drop-off and pick-up procedure wherever possible to avoid vehicle congestion on campus.

NB: bottom gate (via Farneto) closes to all traffic at 17.30, Mon to Fri

Please be reminded that no personal pets are allowed on campus.