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Year 4's Trip to Explora

  • Elementary School
  • IB PYP
Year 4's Trip to Explora


This week Year 4 had an amazing time at Explora il museo dei bambini exploring different interactive machines and making connections with what the children have learnt in school about energy. The children also had a special paper making workshop using old newspapers to make recycling paper.

“My favourite part was all of the museum because it was fun and interactive” – Aeisya, year 4P

“What I liked the most was the train because you could command it from a control panel like a real one!” Orazio

“Even though it wasn’t my first time at the museum, I still had a great time. I really liked the interactive machine that used kinetic energy and team work!” Mattia

“I would recommend the museum because it is a special place where children can actually touch everything and even run!” Camilla

“I strongly recommend the Explora museum to all children because it super fun and you can play with all the interactive devices!” Filippo

“I liked the bicycle that made the ball move because it showed motion energy in two ways!” Hussain

- Ms Pisciotta, Year 4P 



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