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Year 1's unforgettable learning journey

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  • IB PYP

The course of true friendship does not always run smoothly. And so began Year 1's journey into the magical world of A Midsummer Night's Dream and William Shakespeare.

Beginning from the seed of exploring the ups and downs of friendships, we spent the last month examining the life of William Shakespeare, his love of compound words and delving into the mystical and magical world of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We looked at different settings in the play and designed and painted our own backdrops. We learned about the characters, their motivations and problems and decided which character we wanted to play. We read different versions of the story in narrative form, looked at other short versions of the play and prepared our parts. We learned five songs that fit with the theme (including hits from The Rolling Stones, Beatles and Coldplay, among others). We created different props (including magical flowers, potion bottles, crowns, a horn, a moon, wall and donkey costume) and practiced taking them on and off at different times. We decided on our costumes (including having characters that would end up together in similar colours, having the storytellers dressed as theatre goers or in their pyjamas and having fairies with individual colours representing their characters). We learned how to stand on the stage, how to speak our words clearly and loudly so the audience could hear us and how to take the positive energy from the crowd and use it to be the very best actors and actresses we could. And, throughout it all we had fun.


During the last few weeks before our performance you could routinely hear students calling each other by their character names, singing songs while working, eating lunch or washing their hands. We truly lived and breathed the experience and we could not be prouder of our accomplishment. 

Ms Chidsey, Ms Jayne and the Year 1 Cheetahs

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