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Year 1 travel around the world

  • Elementary School
  • IB PYP

Have you ever wanted to take a trip around the world?

Year 1 has found an ingenious way to experience the world from the comfort of their classroom.

For the past few weeks we have been working on our winter show. Stemming from the simple inquiry "Can we sing in Italian too?" students have designed their own show using the songs and dances from many of the countries they represent. Each student chose with their family favourite songs that they then shared with the class. After many discussions and practices we chose our final eight. Students have learned songs in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Mandarin and Italian, as well as dances in Arabic, Finnish and Sinhala. More importantly, we have learned a lot about where we all come from, our individual differences and similarities and how to work together. What a fantastic end to our first term.  

- Ms Chidsey, PYP Teacher


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