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Y9 - History Update

  • Middle School
Y9 - History Update

In Year 9 History class this term, students have investigated various topics related to World War One. They created various end products ranging from essays, presentations to pamphlets and websites. A range of topics were explored: what food soldiers ate while fighting in the trenches; how their uniforms changed during the course of the war; how the role of women changed during the war; and some students looked at the Peace Treaty signed in 1919.   

Antonio and Filippo in 9B created a webpage exploring various aspects of the war: from what life was like in the trenches, to the development in tanks! Please visit the following to admire their webpage:

Y9 History WW1 Website by Filippo and Antonio

Year 9 students will investigate the inter-war years next term, and understand the reasons why 20 years later, in 1939, the Second World War took place. 

Ms Vanneste, History teacher of Year 9 and Year 12; Eco Council Coordinator, Middle/High School

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