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"Mathematics for Everyone" - World Maths Day celebrations come to RIS

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"Mathematics for Everyone" - World Maths Day celebrations come to RIS


The major goals of the International Day of Mathematics, celebrated on 14 March, is to improve understanding among the general public of the importance of mathematics in education, raise awareness of the role of maths in modern society, science, and disaster management; increase access to information about mathematics, increase international networking, and collaborations in public awareness of mathematics and more.

At RIS, classes across Elementary School took part in some fun games and activities. In Year 1, the children were working on Shapes and played a game that involved dancing around the room and then when the music stopped the teacher would call the name of a shape or its properties, and the children had to try to build the shape somehow. 

Y1 World Maths Day

In Year 2, the children were given a range of games without instructions. They had time to work in teams to explore the parts of the game, work out the rules, play the game by following their rules and then present their games to the rest of the class.

Y2 World Maths Day

In Year 3, students were practicing place value and playing 99math to practice subtraction.

Y3 Maths Day place value game

Year 4 took part in a Fruit Investigation, looking at How far does your food travel to get to your plate?. The children investigated the origin of some fruits, looked at the map to find out where fruit is farmed and how long does it take to travel to Rome. 


In Year 5, the children took part in some Maths Bingo, which involved testing their knowledge to quickly solve problems using the 4 operations for some prizes.


The Year 7 students explored the history of Mathematics and applications in the real world such as the Fibonacci sequence. Whereas Year 8 were involved in a Scavenger Hunt around the school, trying to identify a variety of mathematical objects.

Y8 World Maths Day

It was a fun day for all and most importantly they were reminded of the importance of mathematics in their everyday lives.

Miss Rodas - Head of Mathematics
Miss O’Sullivan - Elementary Mathematics / STEAM Coordinator 


Every year, the International Day of Mathematics, a UNESCO global day, is celebrated at RIS and Globedcuate schools. The 2023 theme is ‘Mathematics for Everyone’, with the aim of encouraging all to enjoy the wonders of Mathematics. The event is in its 15th year and always takes place on the 14th March because it is “Pi Day” – 3.14). 

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