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This Week in Year 1: An update from the Ladybugs and Tigers

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This week the Ladybugs and the Tigers have started working on their second unit of inquiry How We Organize Ourselves. This unit is all about understanding what a home is and why we need one, knowing what our needs and wants are, and planning and designing our own places.

We have already started thinking about the differences between our homes through discussions, examining different pictures, reading books and thinking about where we live. We created a mind map showing our ideas about what makes a home and then shared it with other students. We have also had time to practice our writing by making a list of which things we can find at home and then writing about our own homes.

However, our unit is not just about our own homes, but about the differences and similarities between how people and animals live around the world. We have asked interesting questions about where animals live and why homes sometimes look different in different places. We have also been really interested in building homes in different ways. The Ladybugs have started building structures with popsicle sticks and even started making dens and tents with sticks in the Woods. The Tigers have been working on building the houses of The Three Little Pigs (a favorite story!) with straw, sticks and bricks. We can’t wait to find out more about our homes and try to build our small city in our classrooms!

- Ms Elin and Ms Mendez, Year 1 teachers


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