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The Gingerbread Man & How the World Works in Nursery

  • Early Years
  • IB PYP
The Gingerbread Man & How the World Works in Nursery

This week was all about the gingerbread man! During our Unit of Inquiry about How the World Works, we discussed the story of the gingerbread man. The children have been making gingerbread biscuits this week. During our morning activities, the children worked in groups of four. First we used a large rolling pin to flatten the dough. The children then used a cookie cutter in the shape of a gingerbread man, which was really helping them develop their fine motor skills. We talked about the body parts that we could see on the gingerbread man, and finally we counted chocolate chips to decorate! 

Nursery Gingerbread Man

Each friend decorated their gingerbread man differently, and we then ate our biscuits during our afternoon snack. Mr Webber popped into our class so we shared what we made with him. Well done friends!

Team Nursery 


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