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RIS participates in 10th annual Globeducate Olympic Games

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From 6 to 9 June, over 20 schools took part in the 10th annual Globeducate Olympic Games with the virtual closing ceremony hosted by Nobel Algarve British International School on Thursday 9 June. This event is one of six global events that brings Globeducate students together each year. 

Who's competing and what are they doing?

Students aged 8 to 13 have been testing their skills by participating in a pentathlon for three age groups, and in boys' and girls' sub categories. In their own schools, students across the world have recorded scores for Standing Long Jump, Standing High Jump, Seated Chest Press, 10m shuttle run, and 1-minute distance run.

It was a great opportunity for RIS students to practise and challenge themselves at this event kindly organised by the Nobel Algarve British International School. 

In order to compete, students had to perform 5 different tests, each of which contributed to increasing the total score. The fitness tests were: standing long jump, vertical high jump, chest push, shuttle ride (100m), 1 minute distance run. Check out some of the video highlights below. 

A huge congratulations to the top 3 RIS students grouped by gender and age below who achieve the highest score.


Ms D'Alessandro and Mr Bernieri

RIS Sports Results


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