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News from the Mathematics Department

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It has been a busy start to the year in the Mathematics department and it was a pleasure to meet with the Middle School parents earlier this week. We are looking forward to meeting the years 10-13 parents on Wednesday 28 September.

Here are some general messages/reminders for the start of the year:

  • There has been a delay with delivery of some of the textbooks, so I would like to reassure parents that the teachers are aware of this and in the meantime any resources used during lessons will be available on Google Classroom.

  • Students in years 7- 9 need to make sure they have a scientific calculator, which they bring to their lessons! Years 10 -13 will either use a scientific/graphics calculator. If your child is unsure about which calculator they need, ask them to speak with their teacher.

  • All of the Middle School students have now started their online Sparx homework. Parents will receive weekly emails, updating them on their child’s progress. If you are not receiving the emails then first check your spam folder, or email Miss Rodas and she will confirm your details.

  • Year 13’s should have started working on their Internal Assessments. I encourage them to regularly check in with their teacher so that they meet the deadlines.

Many of our students are starting the next chapter in the education journey, we wish them the best of luck for the year ahead. Here is what the Year 12s are up to!

Miss Rodas, Head of Mathematics

This week, the Year 12 Mathematics Higher Level Analysis and Approaches (MAA HL) explored the application of the Binomial Theorem. For most of them, the concept was new. Notwithstanding this, they quickly discovered that it was a powerful tool to simplify the algebraic expansion the sum of two terms, raised to any power. Having been well accustomed to expanding terms raised to the power of two into quadratics, they easily saw the pattern in terms raised to larger powers.  

Below are photos of some students in the MAA HL course applying the Binomial Theorem to solve problems.


According to the International Baccalaureate organisation (IB) the "MAA HL is a course designed for students who wish to study mathematics in-depth and gain a formal understanding of the subject. It will appeal to students who are interested in exploring real and abstract applications of mathematical concepts. They will enjoy problem solving and generalisation." 

The Year 12 MAA HL students are so far enjoying the challenge!

Dr Roach, Mathematics & Physics teacher

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