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Kindergarten welcome a new school year!

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In Kindergarten we have a very nice group of 15 students and from next week we will have a new student joining our class. Seven students attended RIS Nursery last year and all others are new. The children are already beginning to form some new friendships. They are also getting used to our daily schedule and routines, and they are doing really well! They know how to line up already! Together they are learning our Kindergarten rules during circle time, how to tidy up and play together.

The children have been exploring our toys and other materials in class, such as play dough, cars, puzzles, numbers, letters, our home corner and dressing up clothes. In the garden they love playing with sand, ride a bike, and going on the slide. We also went to the woods and they were very excited! They loved cooking in the mud kitchen, running around  and playing on the logs.


In class we are busy with our first Unit of Inquiry Who We Are: Family. We read stories about families, have class discussions and sing songs. This way the children also learn new vocabulary in English. During art and crafts activities,  we started painting the background for our profiles. The students are given the opportunity to choose out of a variety of different materials to paint with, such as corks, letters and cars.

We are going to explore “What it is that makes a family a family”. We will have several discussions related to this. Some of the questions that drive our exploration are: What makes a family? Who are the members of your family? What are the different roles within a family? And, What do you like to do with your family?

We will enjoy and learn plenty of things with this unit, which will last until our Autumn break.

- Teresa & Marie-Louise 

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