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From the first year of the IB Diploma to University – the journey has started!

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Choosing the next path, the right faculty, and the subject you like for a future you can only imagine, can be overwhelming, and it is great to know that experienced guidance and support are available to us during this whole journey.

Earlier this week, we embarked on a real journey and went to Milan to meet some international universities face-to-face.

As one would expect, Milan was actually cloudy and the Bocconi landmark was not to be missed. A private presentation and lunch were organised for us and a student ambassador accompanied us around the campus of the most famous Italian Business School.  

We then went to the American School of Milan, where we had the opportunity of meeting representatives from many International Universities – from Bocconi to LUISS, and from NYU to the University of Bath.

It was really amazing to find out that the presentation of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, was actually the dissertation work of a former RIS student! It was a busy fair, however, we managed to gather useful information and it was also a great experience to meet with students from different schools. We all enjoyed the visit to Politecnico di Milano, the campus is great and the academic commitment is tangible, if only we could all be whizzes at Maths!

Of course, one of the best parts was the trip itself, having fun all together with our friends and enjoying our journey right from the beginning.

A huge thank you to our teachers Ms Maglio, Ms Brunet and Ms MacCallum for providing us with this enriching experience.

- Giulia D., Year 12 IB Student 


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