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Eco Council welcome guest speaker on Sustainable Fashion

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Eco Council welcome guest speaker on Sustainable Fashion
Eco-Council talk on sustainable fashion

On Wednesday 16 November, the Middle and High School Eco Council representatives from each class welcomed a guest speaker to talk about sustainable fashion. Mrs Astrid Marie Wodschow, also a parent at our school, has worked for many years in the fashion industry which gives her an excellent insight into the complex world of sustainable fashion. The purpose of this first encounter was to provide the students with a broad summary of the different types of industries involved in creating clothes and the problem of certifying brands as sustainable industries. 

Some interesting facts: 

  • 8-10% of global emissions come from fashion industry

  • On average, one piece of clothing is worn only 7 times

  • 100yrs ago families spent 30% of full budget on clothing

  • Today, it's only 3% of the budget and we have more clothes!

We hope that this was the first of many collaborations with Mrs Wodschow and that it will also lead to concrete activities involving our students and the wider school community.

Here are interesting links that can guide us through the world of sustainable fashion.

- Ms Vanneste, Middle/High Eco Council Coordinator

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