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Assembly celebrates Principled & Caring students

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Assembly celebrates Principled & Caring students


Well done to our fabulous prefects who led our Middle and High school end of term assembly on Wednesday 21 December. They approached the task with great maturity and professionalism, demonstrating excellent presentation and leadership skills. 

The assembly was a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole of Middle and High school together to reflect on the first term and to look forward to the future. 

A new addition to the assembly was the 'Student of the Term' Award, which gives an opportunity to acknowledge students who have been consistent in demonstrating certain IB learner qualities throughout this term. The qualities focused on in term one are 'caring' and 'principled' and a huge congratulations to our winners, you should be so proud of yourselves!

I wish you all a happy and safe winter break!

Miss Mycroft Middle and High School Student Life Coordinator  and Teacher of Middle School, IGCSE and IB History


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