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A message from our IB Coordinator

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A message from our IB Coordinator


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Dear RIS IB Community,

Arriving at this special time of the year is in itself exciting. I believe as a community we have achieved many positives, yet we are mature enough to acknowledge that there is always space for improvement. Student life is a very crucial stage in anyone's journey with many ups and downs and sometimes students get carried away for trivial things. In this message I want to assure you, you are all doing well! Take the positives and move on, prepare your resolutions for the new year in a feasible manner because it is the little successes which turn you into a positive and motivated person!

Our Year 12 students will be looking forward to a relaxing break. Most of them have put great efforts into the start of the IB Program and have demonstrated maturity and seriousness in managing their studies. Those who need to catch up in some subjects because of late entry or other various reasons should take the break as an opportunity to get on top of their studies. However, everyone should enjoy the break and gain new strength and motivation for the next hurdle! Enjoy the break because it is your last relaxing Winter break in your Diploma-Life!

To Year 13, remember to stay balanced, give yourself the time to enjoy the festivities with family and friends but use your time wisely. After receiving the reports today, Y13 students need to realise that the purpose of the pre-mock exams is to create a point of reflection and an opportunity to go through a close experience of a full schedule of all IB exams. When reflecting, students should consider that they are obviously not yet fully prepared but should strive to be on safe ground in every subject. The results of the pre-mocks should then trigger strategies of how to work and which subjects can become focus points for the highest results in the final IB exams.

To all Parents, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and wish you and your families a wonderful festive break.

I wish you all a happy and successful New Year and stay safe!

Your IB Coordinator,

Ms El Sheikh


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