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Dear Students and Parents,

You will be pleased to know that Globeducate continues to place great importance on the well-being of our students and have therefore invested in a range of cognitive tests from the esteemed educational company GL Assessments. 

All students in the Middle and High Schools will undertake the PASS tests during form time before the half-term break. All year groups will do the tests on Wednesday 13th October, except for Year 8 who will do theirs on Wednesday 20th October.

PASS sensitively explores the social and emotional wellbeing of students. It also provides interventions and guidance so teachers, tutors and SLT can start to address issues immediately. 

Years 7 and 9 will also undertake the NGRT test in an English lesson before half-term (please ask your child's teacher for the exact date). This test is a standardised, adaptive assessment to measure reading skills. It is used to identify where intervention may be needed, and then to monitor impact and progress made to ensure the best possible progress for each pupil.

Finally, Years 7 and 9 will undertake the CAT4 test either just before or just after half-term (exact dates to be confirmed). This test examines pupil's cognitive strengths and areas for improvement to provide teachers with personalised teaching strategies to ensure each pupil is supported to progress as swiftly as possible.

These tests are impossible to prepare for, they are impossible to fail and there are no ‘results’ at the end. What these tests do is generate a report for teachers about how individual students learn and how we can support their wellbeing.

Please note that students that do not usually bring laptops in to school may ask if they can do so to complete these tests. If you are happy to allow your child to bring a laptop (not a tablet) into school, that would be helpful, however, do not feel compelled to say yes to this request as we have a number of school computers that can be used where necessary.

If you have any questions about these tests and how they will be used to support your child, please do not hesitate to contact me on

Best regards,

Mrs Mongare-Bell, Head of Curriculum and Assessment


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