Using role-play to learn in Kindergarten

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Right before our half-term break we finished our winter activities and related topics. The children made some nice process art, which represents Day and Night. We used paint, white glue and Epsom salt which gives a beautiful little sparkle to the paintings. They’re all up on our display board in class now (see photo below). 


The focus right now is on play. Since part of this is role-play, we set up a grocery shop in our classroom. We chose things together from our loose parts storage and the children also brought things from home, such as empty bottles, cereal boxes and ice cream containers. The children are busy shopping every day! They are learning to take turns and together they agreed that only four children could be in the shop at the same time. Getting them involved in this decision-making process works really well. While selling and buying they are also learning about numbers, money and new vocabulary.

KG in their shop

During our music lessons with Lucia the children are getting a chance to play different instruments. This is another situation where they are learning to be patient and take turns.

The weather has been really good these past two weeks and so we could read books and have our afternoon snack picnic-style in the garden. Soon we will start exploring and learning about Spring!

KG enjoying a picnic
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