Kindergarten learn about Family

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Our Kindergarten group is made up of both new and returning students. Together they make a nice group and the children are beginning to get familiar with each other and form some friendships. They are also getting used to our daily schedule and routines. The children are learning how to line up, what the rules are during circle time and why, as well as how to tidy up together.

So far we have been very lucky with the weather as it has allowed us to play outdoors in the garden every day. The children played with cars, trains, Lego, puzzles, sand, tyres, on the slide and they also very much enjoyed chasing and popping bubbles! We have been to the woods which we love as we can 'cook' in the mud kitchen, run around, play on the logs and explore our surroundings!

In class we have been busy with our first Unit of Inquiry Who We AreFamily. We are reading stories about families, singing songs and learning about the body. This is helping the children to learn new vocabulary in English. In art they have been making their own faces with cards and a variety of different materials.

Besides looking at ourselves we are going to investigate “What it is that makes a family a family”, by exploring the diversity of families and the different responsibilities within a family. We will have several discussions related to this. Some of the questions that will drive our investigation are: What makes a family? Who are the members of your family? Are all families the same? And What do you like to do with your family?

We will be busy with this unit until our mid-term break in October. Until then, we still have lots of things to learn and fun to have!

Teresa and Marie-Louise, Kindergarten

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