Kindergarten in the swing of spring

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In Kindergarten we are immersed in our learning about spring and have been exploring it in many different ways. We walked around the school to observe the differences in nature: trees and  plants, colours, smells and sounds. We picked flowers, which we used for our play dough creations.

We’ve been reading books related to spring; learning new songs such as Spring is
Here; and have been busy with new art projects. We made birds with toilet tissue
rolls, feathers, pieces of fabric and card, googly eyes and so on. We also painted little
flowerpots, planted some cress, and painted butterfly Mother’s Day cards.



Last week, we were finally able to go to the Woods again. The kids were so excited!
It had been such a long time and so they all enjoyed it to the max! They were
checking out the mud kitchen and the bug hotel, carrying around logs, checking out
roots, running up and down, collecting sticks etcetera. The spirits were high and the
collaboration was really wonderful!


In class we have also been busy with sorting and naming shapes; making patterns;
positional language such as on, next to, behind and under; learning about numbers and
letters; sequencing pictures, making tally graphs and so on.

Now we are almost ready to move on to our last UOI for this year: Life Under the Sea.

- Marie-Louise, Teresa and the Kindergarten kids

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