Elementary Eco Council resumes activities

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RIS Eco Council

The Elementary Eco Council has hit the ground running this year! Over the last few weeks,  the newly elected members have been meeting regularly to begin planning for the year.

The students have so many ideas and projects! The first issue they have chosen to tackle was the use of plastic bottles in the school and are already working to reduce the number of bottles we consume and encourage everyone to bring a reusable bottle to school. 

They are excited about working on the rooftop garden on the terrace and as this project is based on eco values, we do not want to buy a lot of new equipment, but use what we already have!

RIS Eco Council tools

If you have any extra gardening tools at home, please consider donating them to our garden (pots, planters, plants, seeds, tools, old sheets for lining crates, plastic crates, water cans, to name a few).

Thank you!

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