Chess Tournament December 2021

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The RIS chess club is organising a chess tournament for MHS students, with the qualifying round throughout December and the finals on the 22nd of December. Every student with knowledge of the game is encouraged to participate! 

Date and time:  Round-robin stage throughout December, elimination round on the 22nd December from 10.00 to 13.30.  

Ages: Year 7 to Year 13

Playing level: Any 


Schedule for the 22 of December 

10:00- Tournament welcome

Round of 16

10:40-11:00- Break  


11:40-12:00- Break 


12:30-12:45- Break


13:25- Award ceremony 


What do you have to do to take part?

  • Register for the tournament by signing up to this google classroom (code iu2v4y5)

  •  You will be informed of the date and group for the qualifying round on google classroom

  • If among the final 16 selected, come to the final on December 22 at 10.00 in the Immanuel Kant Library. 

Player registration: Players can register by joining the tournament’s google classroom, the event will be promoted during Form time. Deadline for registration is Friday 3rd of December. 

Matches to qualify for the tournament will be held during Chess Club (Mondays at 13.15).

Chess Club Coordinators, Alessandro L. and Alessandro P., will organise and monitor the selection process and inform players if they are allowed to for the final. 

Qualification round: 2 minute per player matches.

Direct elimination round: 10 minutes per player match, the final match will be of 15 minutes per player.  

Rounds: Round Robin qualification followed by direct elimination rounds. 

Structure: If the number of participants exceeds 16, a round-robin stage will occur where players will be divided into groups (4 groups of equal numbers of players will be created: if the number won’t be divisible by 4, one or more groups will feature a greater number of players than the others). Each group will see participants play against each other in matches of two minutes per player on the chess clock; 2 points will be awarded for a win, 0 for a loss and 1 for a stalemate. The top 4 players of the 4 groups will go to the elimination round and will be separated into two brackets of 8 participants. 

If the number of players will be exactly 16, round Robin qualifications will not take place where two brackets of 8 players each will be created, where players go against each other in a classic direct elimination round. 


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