Year 6K's ideas and actions to change the world

Year 6K have been thinking up their own ideas/inventions that could change the course of history as part of our Unit of Inquiry Ideas and Actions. Some were great ideas....lots of them didn't work or ended up being bad ideas! But this is all part of the process of coming up with a great idea.

What makes an idea successful?
"An idea is successful when it is useful. Also if it changes something in a good way and when it helps people." Alma

"The things that make ideas good or successful is when they make life easier, better, more luxurious and more fun." Moatasem

What ideas/inventions aren't successful?
"Sometimes ideas are useless and unhelpful and they don't make life better or fun. So they fail." Sarah

Here are a few examples of what they came up with:
"I would like to invent an app for the iPad inside your closet, where it tells you the perfect fashion look. It would save you time. You need to input all the clothes you buy and it will choose what you need to wear once you have chosen if you want to wear pants, dress or a skirt etc." Vittoria

"My idea is a cardboard cup to help reduce plastic use! I tried loads of times but it kept leaking. I will find a way to make it work!" Purna

"My invention is an object that you connect to an electric device. When you take a photo, you paste it into google and it tells you what you photographed." Edoardo

"My idea is a microwave on four wheels. There will be two compartments at the back. One for ice to keep any food in that should be in the fridge and the other for things like popcorn and bread. It will help people who are sick or lazy as they won't have to go to the kitchen when they are hungry." Nina

"Lots of people don't like homework and almost everybody likes gum. So we mixed them together! You do your homework, push a button on your phone and if you get it right you get gum. It only works for Maths!" Lola and Margherita