Year 5's expert lesson on beekeeping

On Wednesday 20th May, as part of World Bee Day celebrations, Year 5 students were excited to interview a beekeeper all the way from Belgium! Students were very inquisitive and planned their questions in advance.

Do bees have emotions? Why do bees make honey? How long do bees live? What makes a good queen bee?

Mr Vanneste prepared four introductory videos and a powerpoint, which allowed the students to get up close to the beehives and understand clearly the life cycle of a bee. We would like to thank Mr Vanneste for his time and enthusiasm! Enjoy watching part 1 and part 2 of Mr Vanneste's informative videos below.

Here are some impressions from our young bee experts!

I liked the part when we had to see the bee dance and the interview was so good now I will never kill bees again! Abdul K. 5G

I understand even more how incredible and important bees are in nature. In addition to honey, bees pollinate almost all plants on the planet. Ludovico R. 5G

I learnt that the queen bee makes a lot of eggs every day. There are lots of different bee species. Pelayo M.

Thank you Ms Hanne, I enjoyed the Meet - it was very interesting and I learned many things that I didn't know. Thank you. Camilla O.

It was very good because it taught me a lot of things like that the maximum of bees in a beehive are 80.000. Giorgio F.

I liked the interview, it helped me learn about bees and all the amazing things they do. I also learnt how bees are made and how long it takes for them to come to life. Claudia C. 5G

- Ms Vanneste, Middle and High School Eco Council