Year 2D learn how images communicate feelings, ideas and information

Recently, Year 2D completed a final project for the unit How we express ourselves. Our central idea was, Images communicate ideas and information. However, after discussing that artwork is a type of image and it communicates feelings, we added the concept of feelings into our central idea. Students were asked to choose a type of image and were challenged to express an idea, information or feeling.

Tancredi, a 2D student, said, "I loved the final project because I tried very hard when I made a new logo for RIS. I thought about the colours, the shapes, and all the things why RIS is important."

Tancredi's logo
Tancredi's logo

Students created a variety of images including school logos, signs and symbols, and artwork.

Sebastian's logo

Sebastian's logo (above)

2D student Hillel said, "I made a painting of a sun and it is expressing happiness. I hope the other students will know."

Students also constructed a survey for our interactive display, to evaluate the effectiveness of our images in communicating their message.

Taim's logoTaim's logo

Taim's logo (above)

Giordana said, "I love Rome International School and I liked doing the final project."

- Ms Ditchey, Teacher of Year 2