Year 2C take control of their learning

How better to reflect upon our learning and consolidate our understanding, than through teaching and helping others? This is just what Year 2 have been busy doing over the last few weeks. They have been taking the role of the teachers. Initially with younger pupils in Year 1 and now with their parents as they walk them through a series of learning engagements which are designed to give them an insight into how we work in class.

As a celebration of our inquiry into how best to live healthy balanced life, pupils invited Year 1 classes and their teachers to a "Healthy Choices Fair." to share and communicate their learning from the "Who We Are." UOI.

Students were given the challenge of being the ones to decide what to teach and how best they could communicate their messages clearly. After brainstorming ideas both classes were involved in group decision making to establish how to make sure the fair would present a balance of all the aspects of healthy living they feel are important. Pupils then had the responsibility of choosing an area of personal interest and forming working groups.

Working in their groups students were required to practise many social skills in an authentic learning engagement to cooperate They were called upon to plan out roles they would take responsibility for, design, collect and create materials they would need to support them in their teaching , write scripts and practise talking and acting parts if needed. Throughout planning sessions students leaned to listen to others be open to differing opinions and work hard to resolve any disagreements. The result was a very, lively and active afternoon demonstrating all the things that help us to be healthy balanced people! Caring and compassion, creativity, collaborative problem solving and commitment!

Pupils have further reflected on their learning in order to write friendly persuasive letters of advice which they are now sharing with their parents during our Parent and Student Sharing Sessions. Well done Year 2!

Year 2C take control of their learning

Reflections and top tips from teaching year one and our parents!

"We showed our parents how to create a good tally chart." Leonardo & Muhammad

"I told my dad how to be balanced when you are working. If you do your work fast just to win, it's not always your best work. Also eating is balance, we need food for energy and healthy and to grow." Victor

"We told all about balanced of healthy and unhealthy eating you can have a little unhealthy if it is a balance." Sofia, Giada & Nicole. "But even a little Coca-Cola is too bad. It is never a balance!" Sofia

"We showed to be good at brushing your teeth everyday and or you will get germs and a hole in the teeth and if you eat sweeties you can get a hole." Edoardo, Raoul & Filippo

"We have to wash all the body to be clean so the germs don't make us sick." Antonio

"We have to drink water and relax and be happy with your family." Rana

"Doing sport makes us have strong muscles and keeps you fit. We showed year 1 how to play tennis and football." Michael & Giacomo

"I said to be safe don't get hurt with your friends and wear a helmet for playing paintball!" Giacomo

"My group showed how to "rub a dub dub" when you wash the hands to make bubbles to wash away the germs" Ali

"We will walk our dogs to be happy and exercise so we are balanced." Ali & Edoardo

"I told how to eat healthy fruits and vegetables and you must go to sleep for energy." NIu Niu