Year 2C explore art and emotions

During our How we Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry, Year 2 pupils have been exploring all the different types of images that can be seen in our everyday surroundings. They have been concentrating their inquiry into how each type of image can be used to communicate specific kinds of messages to us when we observe them.

This week pupils have continued with their inquiry with our Librarian, Ms. Buccedi. Students developed observational skills as they were encouraged to concentrate on viewing various works of art and as we looked we tried to reflect on the feelings the images expressed to us. In trying to go one step further in order to justify and give reasons for their decisions pupils practised their analytical thinking skills often making connections with personal experiences.

Listening to each other's ideas and explanations helped us to be open- minded as we saw why others may have different but equally valid interpretations of the same image. Just a few comments:

"I think it shows being scared it's a bridge and there's the scary troll under it!" Sofia

"There is a big frightening stormy sky." Edoardo

"It's a scared person like a ghost face." Giacomo and Rana

"It's afraid it wants us to be afraid and the colours are dark and blending." Giada

"It's looking at us!" Bartek and Ali

"I see red poppy flowers, so it makes me think of happiness." Leonardo

"It's caring with the big person showing the little one." Nicolò

"The colours are kind and soft mixing." Giada

"There is the sea but its cold blue not like when I go." Edoardo

"They are sad people because they have their heads and eyes down like in the story of Something Else." Filippo

"I think they are shaking with cold." Rana

"They have lost their family." Nicole and Nicolò

"Those people don't have a house because they don't have their shoes on." Raoul

I wonder if you can guess the different works of art they were viewing as they spoke.

We then moved onto a group, collaborative task where pupils were required to use group decision making skills in order to sort various works of art by the emotion they felt each best portrayed. The room was a hive of activity and buzzing with talk as pupils worked hard to resolve conflicts and come to compromises and joint decisions which reflected each group member's participation in the process.

This afternoon the process was further extended with pupils being set the challenge of working once again in their groups to create an image which represents an emotion given to them by Ms. Buccedi. After reviewing the sorted images previously selected for their given emotion each group worked on planning and creating their own. One group worked with collage to show sadness, one group worked with oils, wax chalk and pencil crayons to show afraid and one group used water colours to show surprised.