Sports, leadership and teamwork

Team slogan

Year 8 have recently watched the film Invictus and they have been reflecting on how they would reply to the question Nelson Mandela asked to the Captain of South Africa's national Rugby team, "How do you inspire your team to do their best?" Here are Lana and Matteo's reflections.

How do I inspire my team to do their best?

To be a leader isn't just a name that's given to you, you earn it and the point of being a leader is to support the team no matter what happens on the field. To encourage your teammates to do their best is to talk to them about strategies and show them what they are doing wrong so they know what to do in the match and learn from their mistakes. If a teammate is feeling down you just have to support them and let them know that nothing will happen if they mess up. To me force, aggression and screaming is never the right way to deal with your team because you are making them feel uncomfortable and stressed which results in lowering their self esteem and that ends with the team playing really badly. I know this because I can relate; during volleyball our coach is super strict and always lowers our self esteem telling us that we will never be as good as the more advanced players. This makes everyone feel stressed and sad thinking that we can do anything right. On the other hand our other coach tells and shows us what we are doing wrong and sets a good example for a leader. So I think that by being a leader you are being a role model and that the team will follow in your footsteps. By being a leader you have to set a good example, take care of your team and don't be harsh on them. If someone is a leader they know what teamwork and sportsmanship is and if i had to describe the meaning, it is when everyone works together to achieve a certain goal and that's what being in a team is all about.

- Lana, Year 8

When we have lessons and I'm the leader of a team, I may seem very aggressive and arrogant but my point is to encourage my team to do the best. Not everybody is very good playing with the ball so as my friends get used to it, I will become the most fair and nice captain. This is the speech that I would share with my team:

"Guys the reason we are going to play this match, is to show to the opposing team how strong and valuable we are. Remember that first of all, it doesn't matter if we lose or win but the most important thing when we're on the field, is to give all of our energy, reach our potential and show that we really are stars."

- Matteo, Year 8