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Mid-term break
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Welcome from the Middle/High Principal

A warm welcome to both new and returning families. I hope the students have told you about our welcome assembly, which we held on Wednesday 6 September in the Auditorium. In case you haven't heard, we started off by saying hello to Grade 7 and we also introduced some of the new teachers. Read their full profiles on the faculty page:

  • Stefano Baldoni - Biology
  • Ciara Dunne - Chemistry
  • Michael McNeill-Martinez - English and Global Perspectives, Grade 7 Form Tutor
  • Lucas Mennella - History, Geography, TOK, Grade 9 Form Tutor
  • Courtney Pereira - English, Grade 11 Form Tutor
  • Beth Reese - Physics, Maths

Lisa Roach is our other new Maths and Physics teacher and she will be joining us soon.

As I said in the assembly, we are pleased to have such a well qualified and well trained team. For the benefit of parents, I would like to reinforce a point I made to the High School students about listening to the advice of their teachers particularly in relation to Extended Essays, Internal Assessments and Coursework.

I then introduced the students to the theme of teamwork and to our new house system. Let's recall some of the things I said:

  • teamwork is essential in every walk of life; everyone has to be in a team at some time.
  • schools have a moral responsibility to teach teamwork and we want to introduce a house system like all the best schools.
  • we already have teams for sports based on four colours but we never seem to build on the teamwork of sports day. Why not continue these colours all year?
  • the colours could grow into houses and be used for debates, quizzes, creative writing e.t.c. as well as physical activities.
  • I found out that Harry Potter is still cool in a Q&A session with the students! This helped me explain what houses are very easily (think Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff).
  • The houses have been constructed independent of friendship groups, encouraging students to work with new people.
  • I gave the students the task of creating names for the four houses, which they will discuss in their form groups.

A big thank you to Mr. McGuigan for developing these ideas. Look out for more news soon.

- Mr. Allard, Principal of the Middle and High School