UN Arabic Language Day celebrations with Egyptian Ambassador Badr

On Wednesday 12 December, RIS was honoured to host His Excellency Ambassador Hashim Badr and representatives from the Egyptian Embassy for an event in recognition of UN Arabic Language Day, established by UNESCO in 2010 and celebrated worldwide on 18 December.

Ambassador Badr speaks to Years 3 to 6

Ambassador Badr spoke to Years 3 to 6 about how learning a language is an important tool for communication, for creating understanding between cultures and for being able to explore, travel and work in different countries. Years 3 to 4 studying Arabic Language and Culture participated in a calligraphy workshop and were then treated to a tasting buffet of typical Egyptian dishes.

Arabic calligraphy workshop

Arabic calligraphy workshop

Middle and High School students took part in a special assembly held by Associazione Archeosofica Roma, who gave an introduction to Egyptian history and to the Pharaonic epoch.

We would like to extend a warm thanks to the Egyptian Embassy's Cultural Office for organising this enriching experience for RIS students.