RIS participates in NACE international music festival
Last week, Ms Vivanco and 12 students from Years 5 and 6 together with their parents, travelled to Castellòn, Spain for the VII NACE Music Festival.

Over 250 students from 13 different NACE schools in five countries took part in this five-day event hosted by Agora Lledo International School in Spain. This year's theme was "Broadway Hall of Fame" and as with all NACE inter-school events, participants were mixed into different teams. Here are the Rome International School students that were involved in the event:

Vittoria (5Y) singer, Rosaria (5Y) singer, Giorgia (5Y) singer, Tancredi (5Y) violin, Antonio (5Y) violin, Judy (5Y) singer, Amitay (5Y) singer, Valentina (5Y) singer, Margherita (5C) singer, Giulia (6F) singer, Qilin (6F) singer, Manfredi (6F) singer

Every day, participants were divided into different sections e.g. brass, choir, woodwind, violins etc and would rehearse their parts in these different groups. After a short break, the orchestra would come together as a whole and rehearse with the choir under the direction of the Conductor Josep Gil. The two young violinists in Year 5, Antonio and Tancredi, joined the First Violin section of the orchestra and the singers were part of the Choir. Enjoy some video highlights below.

Highlights of the event included a sound painting workshop and performance which involved sound, movement, and singing improvisation.

Thank you to Col. Taggar for the wonderful photos!

"I am very proud of all of our students, especially the Choir as they have only just started working together and they showed great commitment, risk-taking and maturity at all times during the trip. Two of our children were hosted by a family in Castellòn and this collaborative event has demonstrated how the study of Music can enrich lives and unite us with other schools and communities in the NACE family." - Ms Vivanco, Teacher of Music