RIS celebrates World Bee Day in eco style

World Bee Day Assembly - YouTube

World Bee Day - 20th May 2020

Musical performances, dance challenges and interviews with biodiversity experts at WWF Italia

The Eco Council hosted an action-packed Assembly on Wednesday during which the winners of the House Competition were announced and Eco Council members, Rebecca L. (Y12) and Alessandro L. (Y11) facilitated an interview with Franco Ferroni, the Head of Agriculture and Biodiversity of WWF Italy and Dr Alberto Zilli, curator of the Lepidoptera collection at the Natural History Museum London. The lecture focused on the importance that biodiversity plays in our lives and the relevance of bees and insect pollinators.

A very important outcome of this lecture was on the impact that climate change has had on these species.

The Eco Council would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the World Bee Day Competition. You all did a great job!

Congratulations to the winners: Vittoria D.C. (Y7), Altea C. (Y1) Patricia W. (Y2)

Honourable Mention awarded to: Francesco C. (Y2), Family Sarnari (Y2K-NU), Nina A. (Y7)

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