Raising awareness around school

Following the creation of the Middle and High School Eco Council in December 2019, one of the first activities of the group was to involve classes to ask for help in making miniature size models of (priority) endangered species. The objective was to place these models in strategic locations around the school as a reminder to, for example, turn-off the tap, or the lights/computers; to recycle properly and to avoid single-use plastic. Here are some examples of how the various classes helped! - Ms Vanneste and the Middle/High Eco Council

In Maths, Year 8 have completed a unit of study on properties of polygons and geometric reasoning. In the final session, they enjoyed doing some origami. The connection between Maths and origami is clear when you consider the shapes, angles, symmetry and congruence that is encountered during the art of paper folding. Ms Vanneste and the Eco Council asked students to produce some models of endangered species to use as symbols of our connection with WWF. The models have been placed strategically around the school to act as reminders to switch off lights, use recycling bins and reduce waste. Year 8 were very happy to take part by using their Maths lessons to make origami pandas. - Ms Wilson, Teacher of Mathematics

Year 8 maths origami

Year 8 maths origami

The Year 1 Flamingos and Year 2 Dinosaurs recently discussed our school environment and how we can improve it. Using the endangered animals list from the WWF, we decided to make small representations of some of the more endangered animals. We then added polite reminders about how we can keep our environment safe and clean for all the animals and people who share it. - Ms Chidsey, Year 1 teacher

Year 1 WWF endangered animals