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    Poems about the Earth - by the Middle and High School Eco Council

    Following the success of the Eco Council's first virtual event, Middle and High Eco Council representatives are regularly writing poems in English, Italian, Spanish and French, putting their Modern Foreign Language skills into use and it is a great example of a student-led initiative. Well done to all contributors!

    Read the latest poem written by Laura below.

    Eco Council students have created a dedicated website that will showcase all of activities, future events and projects, in particular the outcomes of the global partnership with WWF. These initiatives underwrite the UN Sustainable Development Goals and help to empower students to play their role in shaping the world.

    Visit the Eco Council website created by Jana A. and Alessandro L. in Year 11.


    It is ours to protect and love

    We must protect it from
    harm at all cost

    The sooner the better
    time is running out

    No turning back

    We are under attack

    Some might say it our fault

    But we can learn from our mistakes

    So start with change
    for all our sakes

    We must act
    before it is too late

    By Laura,