Our Planet, Our Business

On Wednesday 17th June at 15.00 GMT around 300 students and teachers around the world logged into Zoom to take part in the Our Planet: Our Business webinar organised by WWF in collaboration with 18 Globeducate schools across Canada, Italy, France, the UK.

This was the last event for this academic year, following some hugely successful summits and an awareness-raising Wear it Wild Day. Thank you to our partners in the education team at WWF UK for some superb learning experiences this year.

During the webinar, three specialists spoke about their expertise on the subject of climate change. Jonnie Hughes, one of the producers of the Our Planet series, gave an insightful analysis of the ever changing attitude of people towards climate change. Emma Keller, Head of Food at WWF, underpinned the importance of responsible consumption, as our diets have an enormous impact on the environment.

Participants of the webinar were able to ask questions to the experts. Here are a few questions raised by our RIS viewers:

How do you envision the transition from agriculture as we know it to vertical farming and other innovative forms in terms of cost, time and geographical location?

What is your opinion on the proposed carbon-tax for companies but also for individuals?

What is your point of view on 'fake' meat and the possibility of replacing meat as we know it with insects?

A big thank you to WWF and Globeducate for this wonderful opportunity. It's not everyday that we can get up close and personal with leading experts on this very important topic!

- Ms Vanneste