Meet the Middle and High School Eco Council

In December 2019, the school's Eco Council was extended to include students and staff in the Middle and High School. This extended group will be helping to advance the school's mission and status as an Eco School, achieved in 2016.

The Middle and High Eco Council will also be working to raise environmental awareness through the Globeducate partnership with WWF, which together with the Eco Schools project, underwrites the group's agenda and vision for 2030, linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


When we organised the Eco Schools Council for the Middle and High School, I felt so excited to start this project and now that it has begun, I feel very happy and proud to have started it. So far, we have managed to carry out many different projects and we have advanced some of the achievements to reduce single-use plastic such as replacing the plastic cups in the vending machines with 100'% paper cups and replacing the water bottles with 30% plastic made from vegetable origin. I can't wait to do much more with this new and innovative Council! Let's shape the world! Giuseppe, Year 12

The Eco Schools Council for the Middle and High School is made up of students who collaborate and work together to make RIS, and our everyday life, more sustainable and eco-friendly. I joined the Eco Council as I believe that there is a crisis going on in the world and even the smallest actions can help! I am confident this Council will help make the school more eco-friendly while spreading awareness about pressing current topics. - Rebecca, Year 12

When I was asked to join the Middle and High School Eco Council I couldn't refuse. I firmly believe how every action - no matter how little - that each of us takes can change the world. That's why I think this Eco Council can be an environmentally positive change for our school and a significant part of the fight for our future. Alessandro, Year 11

I joined the Eco Council because I believe that living sustainably and helping the environment thrive should be our number one goal, and I want to play my part by contributing to the sustainability of schools. Jana, Year 11

Eco Schools is an international programme of the Foundation of Environmental Education. Eco Schools aims to educate and raise awareness about environmental issues among students of different ages across the school. This programme also consists of encouraging students to participate and engage in different activities and projects. Thamadi, Year 11