International Earth Day - 50th anniversary

International Earth Day - 50th anniversary
Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Giuseppe in Y12 leads the live assembly

In addition to following lessons online, Middle and High School Eco Council students - Giuseppe, Jana, Laura, Thamadi, Alessandro and Giulia - together with Ms Vanneste organised a variety of fun and educational activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on Wednesday 22nd April.

This is the second online event to be hosted by the Eco Council and activities for International Earth Day included a live assembly led by Eco Council students and during which a debate as well as the winners of the poetry and art competitions were announced.

The artwork below is by Chiara in Year 12, one of the winners of the art competition, whose artwork reflects the theme of this year's Earth Day, Climate Action.

Check out the winners and the runners up of the competitions by visiting the Eco Council website:

Very well done to the Eco Council members for organising such an engaging event.

Climate Action artwork by Chiara for Earth Day