How to Propagate Succulents from Leaves and Cuttings

Here is an Eco Council Project for your windowsill that will combine recycling everyday object and ecology. Succulents are the easiest plants to propagate. Follow Ms Braghetta's simple instructions and you will grow new lovely little plants in no time at all!

1.Find a succulent you wish to propagate

2.Recycle a common-use box

3.Make sure the box has 2-3 holes on it's bottom to allow all extra water to drain (or roots will rot)

4.You can use a screw to puncture the bottom of the box

5....and a screwdriver

6.Take a leaf for propagation: just gently twist the leaf off the bottom of its stem

7.Place some stones on the bottom of the box to allow water drainage

8.Fill the box with soil

9.Plant the leaf and water (not excessively)

10.Watch it grow!

- Ms Braghetta, Environmental Project Coordinator