Eco Council delivers Pothos plants to offices and classrooms

A few weeks ago, the Eco Council studied the benefits of Pothos as a plant that purifies the air by absorbing toxins. We then collected stems of Pothos from the plant at the level 1 entrance and propagated from the mother-plant using many small cuttings. In the absence of soil, the Pothos also grows in water.

We reused plastic bottles that contained milk - collected from the RIS bar - and waited for the plants to take root.

On Thursday this week, the Eco Council proudly began distributing the plants in every class of the school. The Eco Committee members explained to each class how the Pothos, and plants in general, are good for the environment and how reusing common plastic items can reduce waste. These plants will help make the air cleaner in our classrooms and most importantly, they will remind everyone that little eco-actions can make a big difference!

- Ms Braghetta, Environmental Project Coordinator