Eco Committee project continues with special Biology lecture

Mr Baldoni speaks to the Eco Committee

As reported last week, one of the Elementary Eco Council's new projects in 2019 is to create a "Pothos Nursery". The aim is to place a water-plant in every classroom and office at RIS.

On Thursday this week, Eco Committee took part in a stimulating Biology lecture held by Mr Baldoni, Biology teacher in the the Middle and High School.

Mr Baldoni explained the benefits of plants in releasing oxygen and purifying the air. Specifically, the Pothos plant cleans the environment from many chemicals and toxins, giving us clean air. Together with the students, we started to cultivate many plants and we used recycled milk bottles from the cafeteria to ensure that it was a low-impact operation, at Km 0!

- Mrs Francesca Braghetta, Environment Project Coordinator