Earth Day at RIS - 27th March 2020

What is RIS Earth Day?

We are pleased to share the highlights from our first virtual Earth Day, organised by the Eco Council. The aim of the event was to raise environmental awareness and promote a more sustainable way of living. Well done to Giulia in Year 11 for her great work in editing the Earth Day video posted above!

Ms Orellana's Spanish students dedicated time to writing poems and creating banners to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our planet. Ms Mycroft created an activity for Year 7 Geography students to answer questions about the environment that surrounds them.

Many members of the school community responded to the Eco Council's call to to wear earth colours: blue or green on Friday. Students were given the choice to wear the two colours and the environmental issues they could represent for example:

Blue - ocean, seas, rivers, rain, un/drinkable water, birds, fish, corals
→ plastic/pesticide/suncream pollution; overfishing/extinction; raising temp. of water/coral bleaching/loss of habitat; droughts/dams/change in environmental landscape; water use in the clothing/agricultural industries

Green - all types of forests and plants, animals that inhabit these biomes
→ deforestation; desertification; search for fossil fuels, non-sustainable agriculture; human consumption (like palm oil, meat) all result in a loss of habitat for animals and humans alike.

Elementary students such as Penny and Sasha in Year 6K chose an (endangered) animal and made real or digital masks to wear together with their blue/green shirt. Ms Fowler's 6F class created a class collage of themselves and Ms Garofalo's Year 5s created recycled animal masks and took photos of themselves dressed in green or blue.

Some of Mr Young's Year 4 students explored the two colours and the connection with the environment. For example, Ginevra in Year 4Y chose to explore the colour Blue and its connection to the seas.

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos with us! Enjoy looking through the photo album!

Middle and High School Italian as an Additional Language

Year 7 Art students

Year 2C - Earth Day album

Year 5 - Earth Day album

Kindergarten Earth Day album

Year 6 - Earth Day album

Eco Council Website

Eco Council students have created a dedicated website that will showcase all of the Earth Day activities in addition to future events and projects, in particular the outcomes of the global partnership with WWF.

Visit the Eco Council website created by Jana A. and Alessandro L. in Year 11. Well done to the Eco Council student representatives for their work in developing the site!

These initiatives underwrite the UN Sustainable Development Goals and help to empower students to play their role in shaping the world.